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Danks gets even

Posted on: August 12, 2010 11:09 am

The White Sox got a much needed performance out of John Danks last night. If they lost last night panic mode would be in full swing in Chicago today. Instead Danks stepped up and pitched a sensational ball game last night. The Twins Perkins helped the Sox with a couple of meatballs one of which Quentin delivered in to the stands for the second game in a row. The Sox need Quentin to get hot and stay hot to keep pace with the Twins. The Sox rotation must step up and carry this team. While I see the Twins ultimately pulling away with the division I do not dismiss the Sox due to the pitching they have been getting.

The Reds had a disasterous series with the Cards. Hopefully they learned that you win the division and then you proclaim your greatness. The Cards are a tenacious team that finds ways to win. The Reds better get a hot streak going immmediately or they are done. Cards will play good Baseball from here on out and it will put serious pressure on the Reds. We will find out in the next two weeks what they are made of. Pujols is overdue for an extended hot streak and if he makes an MVP push to close this season it may not matter what the Reds do.

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